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The Innovators

The Worlds First Quad Port Air Delivery System

The XTA is the world’s first quad port air delivery system.  This unique product is quieter under full load, provides constant power, offers reliable service under all normal resistance installations and is value for money

VOLTS 240 Volts 50/60 Hz 

WATTS 995 Watts - 7AMP

Loop Charged Spa Blower

The Peacemaker is a loop charge injected spa blower.
Spa King Blowers use the latest in design, materials and technology to produce the highest quality product in the spa industry worldwide.  The Peacemaker is quieter, more powerful, has greater reliability, is energy efficient and provides clean air delivery.

VOLTS 240 Volts 50/60 Hz 

WATTS 1100 Watts - 7AMP

Loop Charged Spa Blower

Ground installed spa blower from our Special Projects Division
The ultimate Spa Blower was developed in 1991 and has proved itself with 29 years of quiet reliability.
The Blower can be buried in any soft garden areas, alcoves in pool equipment rooms and even mounted next to the spa if required.
The noise level is an astonishing 52db at 1 metre – very quiet!


VOLTS 240 Volts 50/60 Hz 

WATTS 1100 Watts - 7AMP

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The Innovators

We have over 35 Years of Service to the Australian Pool& Spa industry.

Spa King Blowers is a proven quality product, surpassing all other spa blowers in power and quietness of operation under full load conditions.  Spa King Blowers are “problem solvers”. 

The blowers are designed to do away with the problems that have traditionally plagued conventional Spa Blowers Motors, such as overheating, burn-out, corrosion and short operational life.

Spa King Blowers have separated airflows so that motor cooling operates independently of the aerifying airflow delivered to the Spa water. This completely eliminates expensive overheating problems caused by start-up air supply line resistance, or tub airhole sizes or distance to equipment.

Design operating temperature is maintained in the motor at all times, clean fresh air is delivered to the tub. Corrosion due to chlorine – laden vapour reaching the motor is eliminated, and specially developed plastic mouldings, foam divisions and injection moulded cover protects the unit and reduce noise.

Spa King is also used on commercial installations and found to have capacity well in excess of the blowers normal domestic requirements by supplying solid performance and value for money.

Due to our extensive experience in the Pool & Spa Industry, should you have any installation issues please feel free to contact us.

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